USA Modular provides 8’-0” x 20’-0” and 8’-0” x 40’-0” sea containers for storage, office containers, office/storage containers, and special equipped and modified containers. All modifications are performed by our in-house personnel, ensuring a quality product at a competitive price. Office containers are designed as a double office or office/storage unit. Our double office container has a central HVAC with-in the 40’ container which allows the rear doors to shut during transportation to protect the HVAC unit.

The offices are equipped with plan table, built in desks, file cabinets and shelves. The interior wall finish is paneling, textured ceilings, and a monolithic floor covering. The floors, roof, and ceilings are insulated with spray foam and fiberglass insulation.

USA Modular can custom design a container for any application. The container shown in the pictures was designed with a jib crane, custom shelving, storage compartments, control room with computer monitoring systems, HVAC system, and back-up power systems with a quick connect plug for a generator. All design, engineering services, and fabrication of the container was completed in-house by our team of professionals.